Amerisleep AS2 Review

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There is a huge variety of mattresses available in America, therefore, choosing the best one can prove to be an overwhelming task. While looking for the "ideal" one for your bedroom or guest room, you must keep in mind two very basic features: comfort and durability.

  • Among a sea of options, Amerisleep AS2 Mattress offers a range of different mattresses for different kinds of people.

  • All the mattresses provided by Amerisleep AS2 Mattress provide great comfort and balance.

  • This company provides a warranty for almost 20 years and this definitely saves you from the inconvenience of having to buy a mattress every now and then. Not only this, the 10 years full replacement feature makes it even more trustworthy.

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The Complete Amerisleep AS2 review

Why Should You Consider An Amerisleep?

An Amerisleep AS2 mattress uses Celliant, an advanced fiber, in every mattress cover they manufacture. It is obtained from a mixture of high thermal reactive materials that convert the heat generated by the body into infrared light. It is clinically proven to enhance oxygenation that increases the blood flow. The Bio-Pur Foam is custom made to generate a cool effect.

In addition to that, they offer a trial period of 90 days with the availability of refunds and exchanges and a money back guarantee. Their mattresses are manufactured in the USA and are Green Guard certified.

Special Feature: it has a tailor-made fire sock manufactured from silica and rayon fiber that is specially built to prevent the mattress from catching fire.

Amerisleep AS2


There is a vast range of mattresses delivered by this company and each one has distinctive features. One of them is the Americana Mattress that is specifically designed to relieve pressure.

Amerisleep Mattress
Colonial Mattress

Another choice is the Colonial Mattress, which is manufactured using Bio-Pur+, which is top notch memory foam. Adding to the list of features is the reversible mattress that gives great spinal support.

Independence Mattress

Among the mattresses manufactured by Amerisleep, the Independence is the only one that has Activus.

Liberty Mattress

Lastly, they is also the Liberty Mattress that is designed to provide a comfy and soft feel.


So if you are suffering from any kind of a backache, you can consider getting this type of mattress for an enhanced comfort experience.


All the mattresses provided by Amerisleep AS2 Mattress offer one of kind comfort and balance. They are made to cater to the needs for all kinds of sleepers and range from medium to high-level quality.

The support provided by the Bio-Core Base gives ideal comfort. The supreme models contain Surface Modification Technology (SMT) that is a peculiar altercation to the traditional actives by the use of the massive roller. A majority of mattresses are manufactured in the open air when Variable Pressure Foaming (VPF) is closed off, to remove any pollutants that might be dangerous to your home atmosphere. Not to mention the ideal balance for you spinal to ensure proper alignment during the night. You can find Amerisleep AS2 products here.

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