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Nectar Key Points

  • For transparency, we must note that Nectar recently Agreed to Settle FTC Charges that due to claiming its Chinese-Made Mattresses were "Assembled in USA". See Complaint by the FTC. In addition, according to the BBB there are numerous customer complaints of shipping delays and defective products.

  • However, overall, Chinese Made Nectar Mattress is a good buy for those who are on a tight budget as it provides nice comfort. The popular Nectar brand provide firm support due to their supportive layers which prevents sinking.

  • Top layer is a Visco Elastic Memory Foam. It also includes gel memory foam and polyurethane support foam. The cover is made of tencel which is intended to provide cooler sleep.

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why you should consider Nectar?

The feeling of sinking into the bed to get the rest you deserve is surely not everyone’s priority and this is exactly what Nectar Mattresses offer. Not to mention the tencel material, which these mattresses are made of. This material provides a balanced temperature. Moreover, it also provides heat protection during extreme climates.

Laying on it gives a sense of pressure relief which is deemed crucial for all the side sleepers. It is tailor-made to give the equilibrium of pressure points for all kinds of different weights. The fine quality of eco-friendly tencel cotton blend makes the cover very soft. It gives a breathable space and is obtained from trees.

The edge support by this company is something not to be ignored. Yes, some mattress might have compression issues but they are still better than the conventional ones. It has necessary support right in the middle and it does not cause much friction, which is a plus point.

Nectar Sleep

Nectar Mattress
Firmness Level

With its firmness level guarantee and its innovative cooling system, this mattress is becoming popular for its comfort and support.


It has multiple layers of memory foam to enhance the comfort of the user one of which contains a cooling gel. It's dense base layer of the poly foam helps in supporting the upper layers and brings about the necessary balance to mattress. This helps avoid any potential sinkage.


The Nectar cover is made from a balanced blend of cotton and Tencel, a material made in CHINA.

Free Trial

The company offers a generous 365 nights trial period to all their customers.


If you are thinking of one reason to consider buying Nectar Mattresses then undoubtedly, the equilibrium provided by the side sleep is to be considered. The transition layer is a bit firmer than the base layers which provides the perfect support. Furthermore, whatever your sleeping side is, it caters to give the necessary strength to enhance desire pressure giving a comfortable sleep by minimizing the disturbance in different levels of the mattresses manufactured by Nectar Mattresses.

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