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What's the Big Deal?

  • Made in the USA, Puffy Royal Hybrid Mattress is a 14-inch mattress with 7 premium layers that combine memory foam + contour-adapt coils for added support and stability. Puffy's reviews are diverse, but there's one common thread - it’s rated the best mattress of 2022.

  • The first layer is a deluxe Stain-Resistant Cloud Cover that you can zip-n-wash at home. Up next is an Infused Cooling + Plush Contouring foam that features premium cooling beads to eliminate heat retention while you sleep. The third Reflexive Memory Foam layer is designed to support maximum recovery and offers adaptive contouring. The fourth Climate Comfort™ foam layer is specially formulated with humidity-resistant materials to manage sudden temperature fluctuations.

  • Then comes the innovative Cloud Air Technology foam, which segments the foam into 5 individual support zones to contour precisely where you need it. The sixth Firm Core Support Foam + Contour-Adapt Coils base layer delivers better stability, edge support, and motion isolation. Lastly, a Grip Base Cover that keeps the mattress firmly secured on any bed frame or surface.

  • Puffy is one of the only mattresses we could find that offers a lifetime warranty, unlike most which last for 10-20 years. This proves how confident the company is! All Puffy mattresses come with a 101-night sleep trial, so you can test the mattress before you decide if it’s right for you. All Puffy foams are CertiPUR-US® certified.

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Let's Start at the Beginning

Puffy Royal Box

First thing's first - just look at that box. Puffy delivers more than just a mattress - they deliver an experience that gets your heart racing from the moment you receive the box. Puffy will show up at your door in a standard large box, but she's unlike most other mail order mattresses. The Puffy Royal mattress slips right out of the box like magic, and she's so easy to position onto your bed frame, a child could do it. Forget the need for heavy lifting to move the mattress into place. One person is generally strong enough to unbox and position Puffy alone! The fact that the company makes each mattress as and when they receive orders means you never have to worry about old stock that's been sitting in a factory wrapped in plastic for months gathering strange smells.

Seven Layers for Ultimate Comfort

Below is a breakdown of Puffy's construction process:

1) Stain-Resistant Cloud Cover  – The first layer of the Puffy Royal Hybrid Mattress is a Stain-Resistant Cloud Cover. The deluxe cover features a zip-n-wash design which means the cover can be removed easily and washed. The cover material is both hypoallergenic and Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Certified.

2) Infused Cooling + Plush Contouring Foam (Exclusive To Puffy Royal Hybrid) – This cooling layer is infused with cooling beads to combat heat retention and keep your temperature neutral. It also created a unique plush feel that contours to every curve of your body.

3) Reflexive Memory Foam (Exclusive To Puffy Royal Hybrid)  – Exclusive to Puffy Royal Hybrid Mattress, this contouring foam is highly responsive and designed for maximum recovery so sleepers can wake up feeling rejuvenated each morning.

4) Climate Comfort™ Foam – Advanced temperature and humidity-resistant materials make the Climate Comfort™ foam layer perfect for combating climate fluctuations. The foam is responsible for keeping the entire mattress cool.

5) Cloud Air Technology (Exclusive To Puffy Royal Hybrid) – A smart multi-directional sleep system with sophisticated Cloud Air Technology for unparalleled back and body support. This layer is segmented into five support zones, cushioning the head, neck, and shoulders, upper torso, lower torso and hips, legs, and finally, feet. It's like sleeping on a cloud that cushions and supports every inch of your body.

6) Firm Core Support Foam + Contour-Adapt Coils – Not only does Puffy offer unmatched comfort, but their mattresses are also solid and durable. The Puffy Royal Hybrid is supported by a Firm Core Support foam + Contour-Adapt Coils base layer that delivers better stability, edge support, and motion isolation. The coils also add a soft bounce to the mattress rather than a sinking feeling.

7) Grip Base Cover – The Grip Base Cover is the seventh layer of the Puffy Royal Hybrid. It’s a durable 100% polyester fabric that grips to the surface of the bed frame to prevent it from slipping when there is movement on the mattress. The grip base layer is also hypoallergenic and Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Certified.

No Off-Gassing

One of the biggest problems people have with mattresses worldwide is off-gassing - the unpleasant chemical/plastic smell that normally takes days if not weeks to dissipate. With Puffy, you won't experience any of that. From the moment you unwrap your new Puffy Royal mattress, you'll be slapped with a fresh-as-a-daisy scent without any strange undertones. For many people, this perk is hugely important.

Infused Cooling Beads


Puffy is certainly a one-of-a-kind mattress, bringing 14” of comfort. 1.5 of those inches comprise a cooling layer, infused with cooling bead technology to combat heat retention and keep your temperature neutral. Reviewers worldwide hail Puffy Royal as the most comfortable mattress they've ever slept on.

Another popular perk is Puffy Royal's reflexive pressure relief, meaning the mattress intelligently adapts to the shape of your body (without compromising bounce). You'll still get plenty of bounce-back to relieve stress and turn over in seconds. The Puffy Royal is the most breathable mattress you'll find on the market, with a third layer that regulates heat no matter the season.

Advanced cooling properties are unlike anything we've found in any mattress before, delivering a steady airflow across the entire bed all night long. Goodbye, night sweats! This incredibly unique SMT cloud design empowers sleepers to snooze deeper, for longer, with all-year-around temperature regulation.

Do Judge a Mattress by its Cover!

Puffy Royal Conver Image

Sometimes, beauty begins on the outside, and Puffy Royal is no exception! Her cover is stain-resistant, meaning minor spills clear up in no time. With the Puffy Royal mattress, you are guaranteed incredible quality from the outside in. Seeing as all Royal mattress covers are Oeko-Tex® Certified, you can rest assured of safety and durability that will last for years to come - or your money back.

A lifetime warranty is proof of the company's confidence in their mattress and cover. On the top, you'll find a plush uppermost cover that delivers instant comfort and luxury. Professionally tailored for the perfect fit, this luxe top cover can be instantly unzipped for spot cleaning and refitted in minutes.

Great Bounce Back

As we mentioned earlier, there's no issue with bounce in the Puffy Royal mattress. Puffy Royal Hybird is the best of every world, providing a super-supportive base with comfort that echoes all the way through to the top. Royal offers just enough bounce to relieve stress and ensure easy rotation for the tossers and turners out there.

Made at Home in the USA

Made In The USA

Unlike many mattresses of questionable origin, every Puffy Royal mattress is proudly made in the USA - made to order when you choose to buy. The company uses exclusively Certipur-US Certified foams, among other premium materials at their disposal, so you can always rest assured of uncompromised quality. You can bet your bottom dollar your Puffy Royal mattress will last for years to come, making her a worthy investment indeed.

Perfect for Every Sleeper

Puffy Royal Sleep Type

Whether you prefer to hit the hay on your stomach, left side, right side, or back, the Puffy Royal mattress is perfect for you, and you, and you too. No matter your preferred sleeping position, this immensely popular and sophisticated mattress will transform the way you sleep once and for all. No more tossing and turning. No more back pain. Plus, if you don't feel the difference after 101 nights, you'll get your money back in full upon request. It's totally risk-free!

The Bottom Line

Puffy Royal Image

With free door-to-door shipping, 101 worry-free nights, and advanced technology no other mattress on the market can compete with, there's nothing we can fault about the Puffy Royal mattress. It's practically perfect in every way - fit enough for Mary Poppins herself. Royal will take you to cloud nine and back every night. If the streams of online reviews don't convince you, we don't know what will. If you're searching for a new mattress and want to make an investment that will last, consider Puffy Royal. This versatile mattress with its feature-rich functionality delivers the ultimate in value for money. One night's rest on this baby, and you'll wish you bought her sooner.


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