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Purple Key Points

  • What sets this mattress apart is the inclusion of a hyper-elastic polymer called the Purple Grid.

  • The breathable material allows sufficient airflow into the mattress to regulate temperature and keeps the mattress surface moisture-free.

  • The company even referred to the Goldilocks fairy tale in an advertisement to highlight how the polymer makes each bed feel perfect for every sleeper.

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why should you consider a purple?

Every Purple mattress comes bundled with a snug-fitting cover that is a blend of Lycra, Viscose, and Polyester.

The top-most comfort layer consists of the previously-mentioned hyper-elastic polymer that is 2 inches high and is ultra-responsive to pressure. This feature ensures motion isolation and minimal disturbance to a sleeping partner as you change sleeping positions.

The smart grid pattern aids in maximum support and pressure relief; the inbuilt structure allows the bed to distribute weight intelligently as the sleeper shifts their weight.


Purple Mattress
Testers Give it 6 - 6.5

Testers gave the mattress a varying score of 6 to 6.5 in firmness out of a scale of ten. This makes the Purple bed a medium firmness mattress where most sleepers are concerned.

Bounce Back

The quick responsiveness of the top layer gives it noticeable bounce. This is an aspect that favors side sleepers, as their body is provided adequate pressure relief and support in that sleep position.

Value For Money

Purple beds are available in Twin XL, Queen, King and California King sizes. Currently, the full-size mattress is not available. As for the price tag, the Twin XL costs $699 and the Queen bed costs $999. The King and the California King beds are both sold for $1,299.

Shipping & Warranty

The shipping is free if you reside within the continental United States. The mattress arrives compressed and rolled up in a bag. The bed comes with a standard 10-year warranty.

Free Trial

Your money is safe as the Purple mattress comes with a 100 nights sleep trial. If the sleeper faces any sort of discomfort, they can return the product to the company within 100 days, no questions asked!


The Purple mattress is the bed for you if temperature regulation is a concern; the grid structure creates individual air pockets to promote air flow. This bed could be a life-saver for the warmer states such as Florida, Louisiana, and Texas. Side sleepers should opt for this economical mattress as it consistently tested with steady low-pressure support along the whole of the sleeper's body. Side sleepers can suffer from aches and pains in their hips and shoulders if sufficient firmness is not available. This mattress is the perfect buy for those shopping for a starter bed with a tight budget, such as first-time homeowners or freshmen at universities. If a super-plush bed makes your back ache, then Purple is the bed for you! Its state-of-the-art smart grid top-layer provides bounce and comfort with each use. You can find Purple products here.

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