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Sapira Key Points

  • The Sapira mattress is similar to the Leesa mattress, and consists of a generous foam-heavy height of 11 inches.

  • This mattress series is meant to provide maximum comfort while keeping prices in an affordable range.

  • The almost foot-high mattress comprises five distinct layers of foam and coils.

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why should you consider a Sapira?

The top-most layer is designed for maximum comfort and cooling and is made up of super-thick foam. The layer under this is about 1.5" thick memory foam and is designed to provide pressure relief while cradling the body.

The third layer separates the pocketed coils and the foam layers above. The fourth layer is 6" of pocketed coils that offer zone by zone support for maximum flexibility.

The foundation layer provides strong support for the coils above.

The Sapira is not only good for the back, but is also an attractive design. The custom-designed lycra-based cover is durable yet breathable. Like the Leesa, the Sapira comes with a subtle 4 grey bar-based pattern along the foot of the bed.

Sapira by Leesa

Sapira Mattress
Sleeping Positions

Usually, there are three types of sleeping positions; on the stomach, on one side and flat on the back. We tested out all three sleeping positions on the Sapira mattress. On the Stomach -The Sapira provided consistent support for my body weight, and there were zero-issues with spinal alignment in this challenging position. On One Side- While on my side, the coils provided adequate support, especially around the hips and stomach area. Flat on the Back - During a sleeping session while on my back, I felt zero discomforts or sagging.

Firmness Review

The Sapira rates above a 6 on a scale of 1-10, where 10 is the firmest mattress available. This particular design is meant to accommodate the majority of sleepers. In fact, the Sapira has been factory-tested to provide trouble-free sleep to individuals weighing up to 350 pounds. Those weighing less than 150 pounds may find the mattress too firm, so they may prefer opt for a bed with a rating of 7 or 7.5. A too-soft bed can be as disastrous for a vulnerable back as an ultra-firm bed. Make sure to test the product in person before purchasing your next bed.

Value For Money

The Sapira offers an ultra-luxurious sleep experience to the majority of sleepers by offering mattresses in the range of $975 to $1,775. A Twin costs $975, while a Twin XL coasts $1,075, and a Full costs $1,275. A Queen bed costs $1,475 while both the King and the California King cost $1,775 each. All Sapira beds come with a standard ten-year warranty.

Free Trial

The company offers a generous 100 nights trial period to all their customers.


If you are looking for a hybrid mattress, with both coil and foam support, and a reliable ever-cool surface, then the Sapira bed is the mattress to consider. If you believe in giving back to the community, chances are the Sapira is the bed for you. To date, the company's giving policy is to donate 1 bed for every ten sold. You can find Sapira products here.