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Serta iComfort

Serta Key Points

  • Serta's iComfort mattress series delivers on the promise of a cool night's sleep with the application of their state-of-the-art viscoelastic foam technology.

  • The highlight of the iComfort design is the care with which each mattress has been designed.

  • An advantage of opting for an iComfort is that these models work seamlessly with Serta's customizable foundation add-ons.

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why should you consider a serta?

Serta has a 120-day in-home trial on offer for all of its prospective customers. You can return or exchange the mattress at your local retailer, provided you have used the mattress for at least 30 days.

iComfort mattresses undergo a rigorous in-house QA process and are 100% "Made in America".

All customers can claim on Serta's 10-year limited warranty when they have any concern about a defective product. However, it is important to note that the company will not apply the warranty if the question is about comfort. So, before you choose your mattress, ensure that it is at the exact level of firmness or plushness that your family requires.



Serta offers a wide variety of mattresses, so make sure to read all the details of each one.

Serta iComfort Mattress
Savant III Plush

If sinking into a pit of soft, fluffy clouds sounds appealing, then the Savant III Plush is made just for that feeling. The Savant II Plush comes layered with a total of six inches of gel-based memory foam, including the trademarked EverCool Plus Memory Foam and EverFeel TripleEffects Gel Foam.

Prodigy III

If your day-job has you on your feet all day, for instance if you are a teacher or a salesperson, then the Prodigy III is a good fit for you. Prodigy III's distinct multi-layer memory foam design has been praised for its pain relief, especially for those reviewers with an active lifestyle. The only cause for concern may be the fast breakdown of the top-most comfort layer, which means it is not the most durable mattress on the market for long-term use.

Applause II Firm

The Applause II Firm combines the benefits of a sturdy innerspring mattress as well as the ease of a soft memory foam top. This mattress is perfect for those looking for a firm yet comfortable surface for a good night's sleep. As with all mattresses, it is recommended that the buyer tests it out at their local retailer before making a purchase.

F700 SmartSupport

The F700 Smart Support offers comfortable sleep as it comes stacked with premium memory foam and cooling technology. There is a secret layer of mini-coils that provide additional comfort, albeit at a much higher price than compared to the other mattresses. This is the most expensive mattress in the iComfort series.

Expertise Firm

For those who prefer a basic innerspring mattress, the Expertise Firm mattress is the one to choose. It comes with a modest layer of top foam and includes a state-of-the-art flame retardant quilted layer for safety.


The Serta has a history of providing great mattresses and all the mattresses mentioned above are rated highly by customers. Customers with considerable back problems, of a heavier body type or sleeping with a partner, may find certain Serta types better than others. Such customers are recommended to either stick to a sturdier spring-based mattress model, such as Applause II Firm. You can find Serta products here.