Sleep Number Review

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Sleep Number Key Points

  • The company's innovative take on air mattresses, namely the "Sleep Numbers" system, has revolutionized how America goes to bed at night.

  • There are four series on offer from Select Comfort, with a price range as low as $1,000 and going up to as high as $3,000 or more.

  • Out of the four series available, the Performance series and the Classic series provide the best value-for-money.

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why should you consider a Sleep Number?

Sleep Numbers refers to Select Comfort's exclusive adjustable air mattress design. The product is engineered to respond to any the selected option within milliseconds. The lower the number, the softer the air mattress becomes.

People sharing a bed can opt for their desired level of softness or firmness by remote control. They can adjust the settings all night without inconveniencing their partner!

There are four series on offer from Select Comfort, with a price range as low as $1,000 and going up to as high as $3,000 or more.

Sleep Number


Sleep Number Review

Sleep Number Mattress
Classic Series

The Classic Series is the most affordable option, with a queen-size air mattress retailing at $1,000. While the cost is on the lower-end, so is the height of the bed, coming in at 8-9 inches. It is recommended for customers who want to explore the air mattress concept.

Memory Foam Series

Select Comfort's Memory Foam Series relies on gel technology to keep the top surface cool. This series' distinctive feature is the use of memory foam. The beds in this series begin selling at $2,800.

Performance Series

Next up is the Performance Series, which begin selling at $2,100. These air mattresses come laden with soft pillow-top design and a contour-friendly multi-zone comfort layer - all differentiating from the Classic Series.

Innovation Series

Starting at the pricey $3,000 mark, Innovation Series beds are not only the most expensive out of the lot, but are also the thickest available right now.


The first two years of the 25-year warranty is covered by the company. They will replace and fix any issues for free. The only cause for concern is that as time passes, the responsibility for repair costs increases for the customer. The popular opinion amongst owners is that the warranty could stand to be and more customer-friendly.

Return Policy

Sleep Numbers gives its customers more than three months to give their air mattresses a "test-drive". If a customer wants to return their mattress, they must bear the shipping costs. This is a slightly controversial policy, as competitors offer to cover the shipping costs for all returns.


Air loss is a concern that can crop up from time to time with an air mattress. In case of a faulty air chamber, just use the replacement parts that are readily available. This is a minor concern that can be easily fixed. Sagging is a concern that typically applies to foam mattress tops. There have been a few reviews reporting cratering after regular use, especially where partners have selected different settings for their sides.


A Sleep Number bed is good option for couples who prefer varying levels of firmness/plushness as well as individuals who are bed-bound for a considerable period of time. The ability to keep changing the top surface contouring ensures the prevention of health issues like bed sores.

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